17 juli 2015

More From Agnes Home

 Dog´s shabby chic bed :-)
 Instead of the old sofa I throw out
 My tea cosy.
 Chinese woman shoes. Brought home from China by my mother´s aunt who was a missionaire there. Yoy can still find blood stains in them. Horror!
 Two of my homemade bird's nests.
 Homemade clock of chicken fence.
 My sister's grandchild.
 My mother,s old book mark, which I kept. It was hers 1915 and so on.
Roses from the garden: Ghislaine de Feligonde

3 kommentarer:

Rozen van Papier sa...

Hello Eva,
It is all beautiful, certainly the little memories. These beautiful shoes!
The bookmark of your mother and the room with white fresh colors. Thank you, have a nice summer. Hot in Sweden?

Love Janny

jann sa...

Hi! Love your blog but can't see where I can follow you? Please advise. Thank you

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