04 november 2014

Det lackar mot jul

After a long time... a fre christmassy hand craft pictures

01 maj 2014

Der Mai ist gekommen......

................die Baüme schlagen aus

My old apple trea is in bloom. And it is only the 1:st of May.......
 The rest are faked treas inside........

Have a wonderful spring

14 april 2014

Easter Greeting

My Easter Wall Hanging

Happy Easter to all of you!!!!

26 mars 2014

On my book shelf......

Not many books......
....... but a lot of bluish porcelain.......
 Little cuchen made by Marijke in Holland together with hand painted coffee cups, by my mother.
 My grandparents with their first child-----my mother and the second, auntie Gertrud
 Grandfather, mother,s side

19 mars 2014

20 februari 2014

The Colour is Red

 Apples from my garden
 Platemat bought in Paris
 Hollyhock from my garden
 Roses in a silver boal
 Poppies from my garden
 Dried hydragena
 My teenage petty coat
 Petty coat with cuchen
Summer house in Särö. Only excisting on this painting

05 februari 2014

King of the House
 My Darling. min Älskling Habibi
Fotograf Gull-Marie M. 5 februari 2014

03 februari 2014

Dog Site

Here we are!! My sweet, sweet "puppy" Habibi and I.
Habibi is going to be 9 years old this February.
 My first saluki, Jashi who I got as a 7 year old dog. We are posing outside a church in Gothenburg.
 A professional picture of Jashi in 2001 in the Dog exhibition at Sofiero.
 Beloved dog. Also very beautiful. :-)
 At the castle Sofiero in Skåne.
 In front of my mother´s home in St. Herrestad outside Ystad.
 In front of my friends summer house at Särö. Ours is not in the picture but is to the left.
 Faked picture.