22 maj 2015


Min systers Marie konfirmation  1960
Bror Per. Mor Molly. moi, Syster Marie, Far Stig

 På besök i USA. Cupertino 1997. Fängslad på Alcatraz med mellanbarnbarnet H
 Vårpromenad med B och Habibi 2009
 Hos syster Marie i Helsingborg 2010
 På jakt efter sommarstugan på Särö med salukin Jashi 2001
Den finns inte mer. I stället finns två lyxvillor på tomten :-(
 Galapremiär på filmen Blondie av sonen JG
 Äldre dam
Äldre dam 2

20 maj 2015

Vårkänslor Spring in the air

Äppleträden blommar

 En kökshylla A ktichen shelf
Köksklockan  The  kitchen wall clock; was navy bue, now sort of white
 Matsalsbordets dekorationer

 Mor Molly 3 år- My mum 3 years old in her night gown
Mor Molly 12 år. My mum 12 yers old

05 januari 2015

A little bit of this and a little bit of that......

 Dryed Buttercups on silver spoon
 All sorts of lanterns
 Old jug
 My Christaning cup in silver
 Mum's old coffe cup
 Notes, envelopes, stamps and a map over London. The map I bought myself in London 1955. The other things belonged to my grandfather.
 German pen´s packing which belonged to my grandfather
My father's aunt small Bibel.

04 november 2014

Det lackar mot jul

After a long time... a fre christmassy hand craft pictures

01 maj 2014

Der Mai ist gekommen......

................die Baüme schlagen aus

My old apple trea is in bloom. And it is only the 1:st of May.......
 The rest are faked treas inside........

Have a wonderful spring

14 april 2014

Easter Greeting

My Easter Wall Hanging

Happy Easter to all of you!!!!

26 mars 2014

On my book shelf......

Not many books......
....... but a lot of bluish porcelain.......
 Little cuchen made by Marijke in Holland together with hand painted coffee cups, by my mother.
 My grandparents with their first child-----my mother and the second, auntie Gertrud
 Grandfather, mother,s side