04 april 2013

The party is Over

 Waiting for the real roses.
My dear friend Vera at my Easter party.

 A chokolate egg from one of my guests.
 Porcelain chickens.
And, as we say in Sweden: Inget kalas utan kras.
Which means: Never a party without broken things.
This was real sad because my grandparents got a set of 12 coffee cups with saucers in 1909 when they married.
Then my mother inhereted them in the 1950:s.
I got them in 1980. Nothing was broken before the 30th of March this very year, when >I broke this cup.
They are from Rosenthal are called "Copenhagen".
Shame on me!!! :-(

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Rozen van papier sa...

Nice party!And love your background, so inventive!

Love Janny